Excellence in the care of gardens and communities

Agrojardín supports two values: maximum technical and aesthetic quality and the importance of its professionals. This is what guides all our work: attention to detail, controlling technical care, working towards aesthetic equilibrium and providing safety and training in our work. Thus we are able to reach excellence in the maintenance and care of the garden.

We offer a full maintenance service of gardens, green zones and communities. Qualified gardeners, biologists and agronomists form a group of professionals who work for the tranquility of their customers: the tranquility of being in good hands and of receiving services from a stable, legal company with the means to respond to any unexpected issues.

This is the formula which we have been using for 25 years to care for and pamper gardens: working with true professionals: qualified, trained and true lovers of their work. This is how we like doing it: the garden is alive and we need to look after it.