Behind our Gardeners

Behind our Gardeners

Behind our gardeners there is a highly qualified technical team who programme, guide and supervise the work carried out in the garden.

Marcos González. Biologist. 11 years´experience

Alberto Castro. Agronomist. 15 years´experience

Our Garden Centre and Production Farm nourish and work for our maintenance area: the gardens which we work in are backed up by more than 33 hectares of plants and specialised services in gardening.

Our services include a public liability insurance of up to €750,000

On a quarterly basis, we send technical reports to the property and administration of our customers, summarising the condition of the garden, the work carried out, the next batch of work to be carried out as well as the possible needs and threats which may affect the health of the garden.

This is how we offer a comprehensive, stable service which is truly capable of responding to any unexpected and/or complex situations.