What makes us different?

What makes us different?

It is true that, on first sight, all landscape and exterior building companies may seem the same. However, betting on firm values and working on what really inspires us, are the basis of which, for 25 years, we have offered a service which goes much further than simply designing and creating gardens.

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1. The conditions under which all our employees work are in accordance with the corresponding contracting regulations and laws, safety, and risk prevention in the workplace.

How does this benefit you?

The way we work provides more safety and guarantees in the event of accidents in the workplace or of an administrative inspection.

Vertical Gardens, Theme and Ecological Vegetable Patches

2. Agrojardín is not solely the design and construction of gardens, it is a group of companies:

   It has a Garden Centre.

   It offers professional garden maintenance services.

   It has a production farm of plants which nourishes all its areas.

How does this benefit you?

Agrojardín is a comprehensive and established company, of great technical quality and with a high capacity to resolve problems or to deal with unexpected situations.

3. Our services include a high public liability insurance.

How does this benefit you?

Our insurance covers any damages caused by negligence during the provision of our services.

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4. Simply because of our work ethic and the understanding of our profession:

   We recognise the future value that our gardens will have for their users; therefore, we look after the gardens we create right from the beginning of the building work.

   We use traditional methods of work that protect the health of the plants and the viability of the garden long term. We could use mass and chain plantations but these are very aggressive and damage great quantities of vegetable material. We prefer to plant each plant individually, with affection.

   We carefully select each plant from specialised garden centres, ensuring that they have no disease and are in mint condition.

   We are supporters of world trends in landscaping and garden complements. Our gardens have an added value: style.

   We are technology supporters: we are constantly updating in order to remain competitive and offer up-to-date solutions.

   We love what we do..

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